Raw Materials


3rd International Critical Metals Conference

The 3rd International Critical Metals Conference, organized by the Mineralogical Society’s Applied Mineralogy Group, will be held at the Surgeons Hall venue, Edinburgh on the 30th of April to the 2nd of May 2019, with an ice breaker event on the evening of the 29th of April. This conference aims to bring together researchers, both academic and industrial, who are

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New SCRREEN report on critical raw materials: guess what industrial applications will drive the demand in the next 20 years!

With the support of other partners of the project (BGS, CML Leiden University, GTK, JRC, ISI Fraunhofer), LGI explored the major trends in future EU demands for these CRMs up until 2035. By analysing the demand scenarios of specific CRM-intensive products like electric vehicles, wind turbines or smartphones, it is possible to estimate the future demand and criticality of the

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Discover the superpowers of critical raw materials with our public awareness online campaign!

Raw materials are essential elements in today’s industrial production and are crucial for the sustainable functioning of our economy. That’s why SCRREEN is launching its campaign – the superpowers of critical raw materials – to raise public awareness on the importance of critical raw materials. In the bid to raise the awareness of new critical raw materials, the European SCRREEN project is launching a

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White Paper on Responsible Mining

Modern societies are dependent on mineral-based products. Energy technology, Information and communications technology, consumer electronics, infrastructure, logistics and food production all increasingly rely on an ever-widening array of minerals and metals. For example, production of a personal computer or a smartphone needs over 40 elements. Rapid replacement of internal combustion engines by electricity based technology in the car industry and

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Critical raw materials: what are they?

Raw materials, which are essential elements in today’s industrial production, are crucial for the sustainable functioning of our economy. Used in microprocessors, smartphones, LCD screens, batteries and low energy light bulbs, raw materials are an intrinsic part of our daily lives and the industry demand is growing at impressive rates. Strategic economic sectors in Europe, such as the automotive, aerospace

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Discovering the unused potential of secondary materials

From the viewpoint of circular economy, a large share of products would still need improvements, particularly as regards the choice of materials and the case of residues. We also need to change our way of thinking and we need more information in order to leverage the unused potential of secondary materials. Trends affect the product cycle In its report “Circular

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