SCRREEN WEBINARS: Current situation of the use and substitutability of CRMs


Raw materials are crucial to Europe’s economy and essential to maintaining and improving our quality of life. Securing reliable and unhindered access to certain raw materials is a growing concern within the EU and across the globe. To address this challenge, the European Commission has created a list of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). CRMs combine a high economic importance to the EU with a high risk associated with their supply. Examples of CRMs include rare earth elements, cobalt and niobium but the latest list can be found here.
The overarching objective of the EU Project SCRREEN is to strengthen Europe’s CRM Strategy. You can find out further information on the SCRREEN website here.
This is the first in a series of two webinars designed to raise awareness of the issues and opportunities surrounding the substitution of CRMs. In this first webinar we will briefly cover the historical and current situation regarding CRMs. We will bring you up to speed on the substitution profiles of CRMs and also share the sustainability index for CRMs. We will also share feedback and insights gathered from a recent survey and interviews on what organisations see as the most critical CRM risks.
The second webinar will look at current and future policy and economic landscape. You will also hear case studies of substitution in action. You can register for the second webinar here.


Webinar Dates: 8th and 15th May 2019
Webinar Start Time: 12:00 (UK) / 13:00 (CEST)

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