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2017 recap: SCRREEN to advance Europe’s CRM strategy in 2018

Raw materials are key components of many elements which are indispensable to daily life. Think… sustainable and modern technologies, all your hi-tech gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones and many more. Without these, life as we know it could change radically – reality could become an extended episode of Black Mirror! This is why the European Union put forward the Raw Materials Initiative

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SCRREEN Expert Group workshop on CRM ‘Resources’ issues

Launched in November 2016, the SCRREEN project aims to create a long-lasting Expert Network on Critical Raw Materials issues. The activities of the project are focused on the three pillars of critical raw materials: primary resources, secondary resources (recycling and recovery issues) and best alternatives for substitution of materials/processes. Six Expert Groups (Markets, Governments & Policies, Substitution, Resources, Circular Economy,

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