2017 recap: SCRREEN to advance Europe’s CRM strategy in 2018

Raw materials are key components of many elements which are indispensable to daily life. Think… sustainable and modern technologies, all your hi-tech gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones and many more. Without these, life as we know it could change radically – reality could become an extended episode of Black Mirror! This is why the European Union put forward the Raw Materials Initiative was in 2008 which has since rolled out lists of critical raw materials for the EU. The third and most recent list was released in 2017 and features 27 critical raw materials crucial to Europe’s economy and essential to maintaining and improving our quality of life.

The SCRREEN project has set up six Expert Groups (Markets, Governments & Policies, Substitution, Resources, Circular Economy, and Production) composed of Consortium Members and External Experts. They will contribute to the analysis of the different CRM issues, participate in the technical discussions and share their perspectives, needs and ideas during dedicated workshops thus contributing to the findings of the project.

2017 was packed with highlights for the SCRREEN project, and we discussed a number of them in the 1st edition of the newsletter. In 2017, SCRREEN celebrated its first clustering event in June and more than 200 stakeholders from the raw materials community attended the SCRREEN LAUNCHING & 1ST ANNUAL CRITICAL RAW MATERIALS event held in November. To kick off 2018, two SCRREEN Expert Group Workshops are being faciliated on CRM ‘Production’  and ‘Market’ Issues.

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