SCRREEN3 Kick off Meeting

Brussels, 10-11 January 2024

The curtain has risen on the SCRREEN3 project. The Kick-Off Meeting, held on January 10th and 11th, 2024 at the EIT House, marked the commencement of this transformative initiative, uniting a diverse array of stakeholders, experts, and partners committed to redefining the landscape of resource efficiency.

The two-day agenda was meticulously crafted to serve as a forum for insightful discussions, fostering collaboration, and establishing the foundational framework necessary for the successful execution of the project.

Day 1 – Wednesday, January 10th:

The event commenced with a convivial lunch at EIT House, setting the tone for what would be a dynamic and engaging series of sessions. Gaétan Lefebvre, the Coordinator from BRGM, extended a warm welcome and shared opening words, setting the stage for Patrick d’Hugues of BRGM to deliver an inspiring address. Milan Grohol, representing DG Grow, further underscored the significance of the project with his opening remarks. Gaétan Lefebvre then took the floor once more, presenting a comprehensive overview of the SCRREEN3 project.

The afternoon saw the participants engage in round table discussions, delving into critical aspects of the project. A much-needed coffee break provided a casual yet productive interlude, facilitating networking and informal exchanges. The day concluded with an extended round table session, followed by a networking dinner, offering participants an opportunity to forge connections in a relaxed setting.

Day 2 – Thursday, January 11th:

The second day commenced with a warm welcome from Gaétan Lefebvre, setting the stage for a continuation of the project presentation. Gaétan Lefebvre then introduced the consortium, providing insights into the collaborative forces behind SCRREEN3. Stéphane Bourg (BRGM) shed light on the Network activities, paving the way for a deeper understanding of the project’s objectives.

Gianni Nardonne (LGI) took the stage to elaborate on the intricacies of Data Handling and Digitalisation, a crucial aspect of the project spanning multiple work packages. Stéphane Bourg followed suit with a presentation on the factsheets for WP6 – WP13, leaving the floor to each work package leader to present their team and expectations for these operational facets of the project.

A coffee break provided a moment of respite, fostering informal conversations and idea exchanges. The latter half of the day featured presentations on Foresight Studies by Roland Gauss (EIT RM) and Luis Tercero (Fraunhofer), underscoring the forward-looking approach of SCRREEN3. Giuseppe Salvio (ENCO) then delved into communication strategies, and Gaétan Lefebvre, along with Mathilde Videlo (LGI), provided insights into the intricate web of Project Management.

The meeting concluded with an open floor for Any Other Business (AOB), ensuring that every aspect and concern was addressed.

The SCRREEN3 Kick-Off Meeting has set the stage for an exciting journey towards sustainable resource management. The depth of engagement, diversity of perspectives, and the commitment of participants signal a promising trajectory for SCRREEN3.

For further information about the SCRREEN3 project, please contact:

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