“The Superpowers of New Critical Raw Materials” campaign now available in Portuguese! SCRREEN | ERA-MIN 2 collaboration!

We’re glad to announce the availability of our campaign in Portuguese courtesy of ERA-MIN 2 which aims to implement an European-wide coordination of research and innovation programmes on raw materials to strengthen the industry, competitiveness and the shift to a circular economy.

Through 12 visuals, this campaign is making the general public aware of the different forms which critical raw materials take in our day-to-day life. CRMs are raw materials which have economic importance and are subject to possible scarcity.

With 5 visuals already shared, each one touched upon CRMs that play a daily role in our lives and SCRREEN intends to continue spreading the knowledge on critical raw materials and boost engagement on the subject. Below are the available visuals in Portuguese:

Keep up with our campaign!

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