What’s NEXT for SCRREEN?

Six Expert Groups have been established in the SCRREEN project to support the development of the network with hopes to have their work to become a focal point of advice for decision making with regard to CRMs: Market, Governments & Policies, Resources, Circular Economy, Production, Substitution.

Plans were made for the future to maintain and keep a Long Lasting Network of experts.

The Long Lasting Network aims to support the development of a new generation of skilled professionals. Knowledge is the key element for the future of Circular Economy. Material science is a well-connected discipline whose know-how can be sourced from all around the world. The challenge is to make profitable the circular economy to start implementing it at the industrial level and not only done by entrepreneurs.

The Network will contribute to EIP-RM SIP objectives facilitating information exchange, networking and cooperation, by bringing together the most relevant stakeholders across Europe. The long-lasting Network will emphasize and boost all the networking activities, in synergy with the roles commonly played by JRC and KIC-EIT RM, thus contributing to support the implementation and sharing of strategies, business opportunities and best practices. The network foresees to have its own scientific database to collect info, from different sources an  from different levels and, to give advice to EC and other agencies but also to industries, academia, RTOs on CRM policy, safety or R&D issues. The Network aims as well to track innovative projects and work done all around the world.

The Network is actually structured to possibly give contributions in the following fields:

1. Policy Assessment and Expert update:

  • Providing suggestions and advices to the EC or any potential user on CRM issues (supply strategies, R&D, trends, technologies, main players, policy gaps, etc., possible CRM list updates, not only including the critical elements but opening the discussion to any kind of strategic materials for European industry and emerging value chains. Promoting and supporting EC initiatives at national and international scale, facilitating cooperation with extra EU countries and benchmarking with international policies/strategies.
  • To increase the regional coverage in the field of RM by networking, clustering and education activities in the EU.

2. CRM knowledge sharing and training

  • Increasing the EU raw materials knowledge base by offering access to documents, data and tools (deliverables, studies, publications, database developed in WP9). The continuous access to knowledge will be ensured via a permanent website and a sustainable data management plan (open access information). SCRREEN and its core partners, in cooperation with JRC and other linked initiatives, will ensure the maintenance and the availability of the access to the information generated during the project in relation to the EURMKB objective for the EIP-RM SIP, in particular interfaces with RMIS. So, dialogue with EC and JRC will be followed, as well as with EIT-RM.
  • Organizing thematic face-to-face and online workshops and seminars to promote mutual dialogue and exchange of experiences and perspectives with the stakeholders, by exploiting the potential of existing associations.
  • Develop knowledge sharing at different levels: Communication & Outreach and  Dissemination.

3. Stakeholders across the CRMs value chains – Support and Promotion

  • Providing an overview of initiatives, platforms and projects focused on CRMs, facilitating clustering and thus avoiding possible gaps and overlaps, also linking the existing and future initiatives, with the purpose to harmonise both vision and strategy as well as to identify possible technical and non-technical barriers. The Network is able to share information concerning policy, programmes, projects, initiatives, as well as mechanisms for their improvement. A substructure of the Network will be created and devoted to the management of frequent tasks.
  • Providing members a useful tool to track regulatory framework and conditions all around the world. The regulatory monitoring database will include a regulatory and R&D database that could be filtered by Country, Substitution, Recycling or Mining and Sector.
  • Boosting and improving permanent dialogue with the stakeholders fragmented along the complex and overlapped value chains of CRMs, supporting strategy and policy development, and decision making mechanisms. Support on organizing and bringing together the ‘CRM community’. Act as a catalyzer for creating and extending the CRM community and its visibility.

The SCRREEN project has been mandated by the European Commission to conduct a survey in order to identify the most relevant experts who will be invited by the European Commission to contribute to the criticality assessment by the end of this year.

We are looking for experts having a specific and precise expertise in raw materials value chains. Thank you to provide the maximum of information allowing us to identify and select you as such an expert. it is therefore very important for you to provide relevant references assessing this expertise.

SCRREEN aims to become the reference advisor in Europe around the European Commission for Critical Raw Materials (CRM) strategy. It will be an umbrella network bringing a single voice to the highest level. With the project’s multidisciplinary consortium, it embraces all the existing networks, associations and initiatives that are willing to play a main role in the European CRM strategy.

We are looking for experts having a specific and precise expertise in raw materials value chains. Access the survey here.

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