The Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) event offers an opportunity to a variety of stakeholders to get a fresh update about the latest EU activities in the field of Critical Raw Materials. The event is co-organised by the European Commission, the Horizon 2020 project SCRREEN2 – expert network on CRMs in the frame of seventh edition of the “Raw Materials Week” that will take place from 14 to 18 November 2022. Main topics to be addressed: Metals for Clean Energy – Pathways to solving Europe’s raw materials challenge, German perspective on the raw material requirements of the energy transition, “How far could we align supply and demand in EU?”, Current issues in metal supply chains: a view from industry, Managing critical raw materials in the pump industry, Decision tool for raw material risk management, “How can digitalization support supply chain risk mitigation?”.

The 5th EU Critical Raw Materials event will take place at the Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels on Tuesday, November 15th.

Registration is open and it is possible to download the agenda and consult the programme of Raw Materials Week 2022.

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