Annual Critical Raw Material Event 2017 – presentations available

The first Annual Critical Raw Material Event offered an opportunity to a variety of stakeholders to get a fresh update about the latest EU activities in the field of Critical Raw Materials. Co-organised by the European Commission, and the Horizon 2020 project SCRREEN together with CHROMIC, EQUINOX, INREP, PLATIRUS and SCALE, it took place during the Raw Materials Week 2017 in parallel to the Advanced Mining Countries Conference on Responsible Mining and Sourcing starting with a joint plenary session.

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Mr. Antti Peltomaki, Deputy-Director General, Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs,, European Commission (DG GROW, EC)

Joint Plenary Session of EU Critical Raw Materials and Advanced Mining Countries events – Chaired by Mr. Antti Peltomaki, Deputy-Director General, DG GROW, EC

  • Critical Raw Materials Assessment 2017 – Mr Gwenole Cozigou, Director, Industrial Transformation and Advanced Value Chains, DG GROW, EC
  • Policy perspective of the Government of Canada on global governance of raw materials – Mr. Alan Bowman, Minister-Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission, Mission of Canada to the European Union

Session II: EU actions on CRM – Chaired by Ms Malwina Nowakowska-Ketterle, Deputy Head of Unit, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials, DG GROW, EC

Session III: EU R&D actions on CRM – Chaired by Mr Stéphane Bourg, SCRREEN Coordinator, French Atomic Energy Commission, PROMETIA

Session IV: EU supporting actions on CRM – Chaired by Mr. Constantin Ciupagea, Head of Land Resources Unit, DG Joint Research Centre, EC


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