SCRREEN Expert Group workshop on CRM ‘Resources’ issues

Launched in November 2016, the SCRREEN project aims to create a long-lasting Expert Network on Critical Raw Materials issues. The activities of the project are focused on the three pillars of critical raw materials: primary resources, secondary resources (recycling and recovery issues) and best alternatives for substitution of materials/processes.

Six Expert Groups (Markets, Governments & Policies, Substitution, Resources, Circular Economy, and Production) composed of Consortium Members and External Experts will contribute to the analysis of the different CRM issues. The Expert Groups are invited to participate in the technical discussions and to share their perspectives, needs and ideas during the workshops, and thus to contribute to the findings of the project. This will allow a more comprehensive analysis of technical and policy issues.

MINPOL chairs the ‘Resources’ Expert Group that will contribute to mapping, assessing and quantifying the primary resources by analysing needs, demands and possible bottlenecks in CRM supply.  The first workshop session will take place in Brussels on 29 June 2017 with the ‘Resources’ Expert Group after the Clustering Event which kicks off the 2-day event on 28 June 2017.


scrreen workshop


More information about the workshops available here

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