SCRREEN to be presented at the World Resources Forum 2017 Conference

During the workshop titled “International Cooperation on Raw Materials in the European Union H2020 programme”, the SCRREEN project will be presented by a member of the consortium.

Objective of the workshop

This workshop is related to the Horizon 2020 funded project, FORAM, which aims to develop a platform of international experts and stakeholders that will enhance the international cooperation on raw material policies and investments: Advancing the idea of a World Forum on Raw Materials.

In the framework of the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials and in the funding scheme of Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) , four H2020 projects covering the subjects of the International Cooperation Pillar (FORAM, MinFuture, INTRAW and STRADE), eight projects covering the Non-Technology Pillar (MICA, MIN-GUIDE, MINATURA 2020, ProSUM, SCRREEN, MSP-REFRAM, SMART GROUND, IMPACTPapeRec) and one project from the Technology Pillar (VERAM) have been chosen to improve framework conditions and international cooperation in the raw materials sector from different perspectives. These projects are expected to share their experiences, increase each other’s understanding, explore synergies and together develop and advance ideas for enhanced international cooperation on all aspects of the raw materials value chain. These projects aim to consolidate the available data and build platforms and networks in different areas related to the raw material value chain.

Discussion Topics:
· Who are the key stakeholders along the raw materials value chain and how to involve them into a dialogue? How can the H2020 projects work together to achieve this?
· How can we work together to improve data collection, transparency and access?
· How to make the case to the policy makers?
· How to reach out to the public and improve its understanding of the raw material sector?

More information about event available here

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