SCRREEN workshops: a recap of the clustering event

“As the leading public project agency on resource efficiency & circular economy in Germany for both R&D and innovation , it is crucial for us to participate in a broad stakeholder exchange on these topics. The SCRREEN workshops created an avenue where different actors could share their expertise on the results of project and beyond. For me, I was particularly interested in the Expert Group meeting on ‘CRM & circular economy’, one of the five priorities of the EU CE package. Attending the other sessions on ‘Resources’ and ‘Substitution’ clearly proved that more focus and work should be put into these three themes… Thanks again for a great meeting! – JF Renault (PtJ)

On 11 July 2018, 8 project coordinators (CRM Recovery, SCALE, PC-REC, REE4EU, CHROMIC, NOI EXTREME, SusCritMat, COLLECTORS) and EIT Raw Materials presented their activities on CRM in the context of Circular Economy. The event organized under the umbrella of SCRREEN’s clustering work-package allowed project coordinators to exchange on project activities, objectives and challenges.

The discussions around the projects aimed at identifying possible means of collaboration and cross-fertilization in order to avoid duplication of work and optimize project’s resources. The audience of the event was given the opportunity to share own experiences and knowledge with project coordinators, making this event both participative and integrative. As outcomes of the discussions, possible means of collaboration have been identified, i.e. in the form of co-organization of events around projects’ common interest. In order to enhance the mapping of possible collaborations, a questionnaire was handed out to project coordinators for them to further contribute to the ideation of clustering activities in the future.

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