VERAM Final Conference: “EU Raw Materials 2050: Roadmap to Success”

Registration is now open for the VERAM Final Conference, “EU Raw Materials 2050: Roadmap to Success”, which will take place on 17 April 2018, at the Royal Flemish Academy of Sciences and Arts, in Brussels. Research and Innovation organizations, policy makers, national governments, European institutions and industry representatives working in the raw materials sector are invited to join this event to discuss the presentation of a common long term 2050 vision and roadmap for relevant raw materials including metals, industrial minerals and aggregates, and wood.

Securing reliable and correct access to raw materials and developing domestic value chains are crucial to boosting growth, jobs and competitiveness in Europe. A more coordinated approach towards raw materials management will help reduce current external supply dependency and lead to an efficient use of resources.

The VERAM project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, aims to provide an umbrella and coordination function for raw materials related to research and innovation activities across Europe.

The long-term vision and roadmap to 2050 has the goal of tapping the full potential of raw materials supply and use in Europe, and boosting the innovation capacity of the sector. The outcomes of the project, which will presented during the final conference, will ultimately feed into the ongoing preparation of the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9).

The Final Conference is divided into three main sessions:

  • Defining and exploring the playing fields (Scenarios): Scenarios are a tool for analysing plausible futures. Applied to the Raw Materials Sector, scenarios can identify opportunities and threats. Research and innovation actions minimise the effect of the threats, at the same time propel opportunities.
  • Creating a Vision 2030 and 2050 for Raw Materials: The EU Raw Materials Sector will evolve through increased digitisation and in response to climate change. These changes could dramatically alter the landscape of the sector. Research and innovation actions can help prepare the sector to address these challenges.
  • Creating the Raw Materials Roadmap 2050: The VERAM Research and Innovation Action Roadmap provides solid and specific recommendations on the full potential of raw materials supply and use in Europe and on how to boost the innovation capacity of the sector. Innovation actions direct the way to 2030, and Vision driven RIA leads the way to 2050.

The draft programme is available here. 

More info via this link

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