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Nearly seven years have passed since the prices of critical raw materials have soared e.g. rare earth elements prices, and since the launch of the Raw Materials Initiative and the publication of the first CRM list. The European Union has made great progress towards a raw material strategy that led to a European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials and a Strategic Implementation Plan in 2013.

Many projects addressing raw material challenges have received funding from the European FP7 and H2020 programmes. All this work has produced a great amount of information (sometimes redundant). With the very recent publication of the new CRM list that includes 27 materials, the portfolio of R&D&I projects will become even larger. Therefore, the coordination of activities and exchange of information and knowledge has become of utmost importance.

SCRREEN aims to become the reference advisor in Europe for CRM strategy. It will become an umbrella network bringing a single voice to the highest level. With the project’s multidisciplinary consortium, it embraces all the existing networks, associations and initiatives that are willing to play a role in the European CRM strategy.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, SCRREEN has been organised in two steps. The first consists of drawing the current picture of the CRM value chains by identifying all the existing data and capitalising on it. Knowledge exchange with experts will highlight gaps and potential innovation fields. The second step, a key objective of SCRREEN, is to establish a long-lasting European Expert Network on CRM. 

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