Critical Raw Materials awareness campaign: explore 10 visuals so far!

As part of the criticial raw materials online campaign, we’ve rolled out several visuals so far – each covering a critical raw material (CRM) included in the most recent 2017 list of Critical Raw Materials for the EU.

In the bid to raise the awareness of new critical raw materials, the European SCRREEN project has launched a multilingual communication campaign today, 26 March 2018. This campaign is geared towards informing and educating the European public on the challenges linked to the 27 raw materials classified as ‘critical’ by the European Commission. Cars, wind turbines, solar panels and smartphones… ‘critical’ raw materials (CRMs) are used in all the technologies that are essential for the energy and digital transition.

To anticipate possible shortages, Europe has created the “European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base” to bring together member states and industry and facilitate the exchange of information on these resources. Their exploitation often leads to challenges which the campaign will inform by shedding light on the different initiatives led by Europe to address them. As part of this campaign, a new visual will be published and promoted monthly via this dedicated SCRREEN website and Twitter account @SCRREEN_EU.

Explore our previous visuals

Cruise around in a cleaner car – the first visual talks about CRMs necessary to manufacture cars which emit less toxic gases.

Explore the Earth’s wealth  – the second visual sensitises on the current landscape of CRMs market and the declining reserves.

Smarter mobile phones – the third visual breaks down the smartphone while pointing out how CRMs make it possible for our phones!

Creating tomorrow’s jobs – the fourth visual points out the considerable growth opportunities that CRMs provide for Europe.

Rubber – the fifth visual focusing on why rubber is an important critical raw material.

Shortages – the sixth visual discussing how to avoid potential shortages of essential materials.

Fly in complete safety – the seventh visual focuses on the critical materials that help power the aviation industry.

Europe’s promising resources – the eight visual touches on how Europe intends to ensure its mineral sovereignty.

Resource efficiency in medicine – the ninth visual on the critical materials that help us achieve medical advancements.

Better recycling of e-waste – the tenth visual on on the importance of recycling.

We’ll be unveiling the remaining two visuals in the coming period!


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